During your holiday on the Costa del Sol, it is wonderful to relax in the accommodation where you are staying. But of course, there is much more to do in Estepona, Cancelada and Marbella! We are happy to tell you about our 10 favourite activities in the areas. We have listed for you the best day trips, touristic attractions and sightseeing hotspots.


The 10 best activities around our Bed & Breakfast

Apart from the beautiful and historic towns of Málaga, Sevilla, Cádiz, Granada, and Córdoba, there are many great places of interest near Estepona!

Go play some golf. Estepona, situated very close to Marbella, is a paradise for the golf lover. The top 5 best golf courses near La Cigüeña:


Estepona Golf

El Paraiso Golf

Atalaya Golf & Country Club

La Resina Golf Club

Valle Romano Golf & Resort


When you click on this link, you will find much more Golf Courses around us!

Just outside Estepona, on the way to Marbella, there is an animal park of one million square meters. The attraction is so widespread that you are guaranteed to catch great views of white rhinoceroses, Bengal tigers, zebras, lions and giraffes in semi-captivity. There are a total of 2000 animals, and among them is “Kanvar”, the only Asian elephant born on Spanish soil. The adventure does not stop here; Selwo Aventura also has packs in camel riding, a petting zoo and trail with rickety suspension bridges and the largest zip line in Europe.


You can also combine this trip with a combi pass, that will allow you to go to the water park of the same organization on another day, with dolphins, killer whales etc.

A high-end Marina with an abundance of exclusive yachts and cars. The place to see and be seen! But there is more! Markets, shopping malls (El Corte Inglès), a cinema (With English version movies) and many, many restaurants!

Also fun with the kids. There are monkeys everywhere, so no food in your hand and hold your bag! They are very cheeky. There is also a corridor with history, very exciting for the children, cannons everywhere! And you drive over an airport on arrival, when the barriers close, there is no train but a plane!

Mountain village with the oldest bullfighting arena I think of all Spain. Beautiful and huge bridge, Moorish influences, just a beautiful place and a fantastic ride through the mountains.

A lovely small village with astonishing views over the coastline. On the way up to Casares, you will encounter a couple of very good restaurants! In the town itself, there are plenty of bars and eateries, a mirador and old castle that are worth a visit.

Estepona has in recent years been the scene of an important rejuvenation plan known as the ‘Garden of the Costa del Sol Project.’ One of the most impressive and popular highlights of this project is without a doubt the route of street art. Beautiful mural paintings are scattered throughout the city. A very fun, interactive and unique way to spend an afternoon exploring the city. The tourist information centre in Estepona has several maps that can help you to find them all. The route started in 2012 and the murals are painted on the sides of buildings through the town. Artists have turned the walls into great works of art. Some are breathtaking!


The purpose of the wall paintings is to rejuvenate some of the ‘expired’ neighbourhoods of Estepona, but it has become a tourist attraction that is worth your attention!

The Senda Litoral de Malaga (Malaga Coastal Path) is a projected 163km path following the entire coast of Malaga province from Manilva to Nerja. Once finished, this long-distance path will be a major tourist attraction for the Costa del Sol, and for Andalucia.


The coastal path project aims to unite the coastline through pedestrian paths, allowing citizens to walk and practice sports outdoors. This project, which will be extended throughout the municipality, will change the face of the coast. Finally, this project is already offering neighbours and tourists the possibility of enjoying unknown areas of the city and environments that until now were inaccessible; as well as privileged views in spaces in which to perform healthy outdoor activities.

Mountain biking, Hiking Trails, and the view…From whatever side you approach Marbella, the shell-shaped mountaintop always dominates the setting of this seaside town that attracts the rich of the earth like a magnet. To view the seemingly bare and grey rock from a different perspective, you can decide to climb it!


The peculiarity of the La Concha ascent is not so much the height of ‘only’ 1,181 meters, but the location! It is so close to the coast. Because of this, you are constantly treated to the most beautiful panoramic views of the Mediterranean sea and the coastal strip of Fuengirola all the way to Manilva. You literally look down on Marbella. Sometimes you can see the Atlas Mountains in Africa on the other side. Occasionally, we almost feel the inclination to take a dip in the sea, so close it seems. You can reach the top of La Concha from Marbella itself, from Refugio de Juanar at Ojén or from the white mountain village of Istán. The shortest route: from the hotel Refugio el Juanar.

Above the Costa del Sol just before you reach the white village Benahavis, past Marbella and San Pedro, there is a hidden paradise, a secret place where you find chilling water, a stream to walk, swim and refresh yourself. You can park the car at the arrival point of your river walk, here, 36°30’38.9″N 5°02’08.3″W and walk along the road towards the village Benahavis, until you reach the place where to start your hack (here: 36°31’02.6″N 5°02’25.6″W) wearing just a swimsuit, and walking shoes. Enjoy the swim, walk and hike which will take about 1,5 hours without hurry, arriving at the banks of a shallow river where you have parked your car.


Also good to know, that the village Benahavis always has been known as a place where to eat and dine at special restaurants!

If you wish more detailed information, maps or locations of these activities, please advise our staff. We are more than happy to help you on your way during your stay in our wonderful Bed and Breakfast on the Costa del Sol.

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